A Quick Indulgence.

Indulge me while I indulge you as I narrate to you a little Story A story of a once broken heart and shattered spirit A Spirit shattered by the winds of false beliefs or perhaps no beliefs at all Beliefs that could cause the strongest resolves to crumble and fall Fall into a pit bereft … More A Quick Indulgence.

A Royal Invite.

On the path back I dust off the cob webs that made me squint and cough, I’ve realised that my habit of staying away wasn’t really good enough. Time after time I make the same mistake, I take for granted a position others would kill or more to take. I visit my old man only … More A Royal Invite.

Speck Dealings

I had been avoiding this talk with her for days. She had known I was troubled and I didn’t want to talk about it. But now she cunningly cornered me and I had to swallow whatever bitter pill of truth she gently shoved down my throat. She was smart and neatly dressed with long puffy … More Speck Dealings